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A website dedicated to giving you tips on how to be the best version of yourself in all aspect of your life, ranging from productivity to fitness.
self-development, productivity, gratitude, time management, wellness
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Hi, I’m Yulia.


Alright the above image might be overkill, buuuut I just started blogging and I am excited. I mean it when I say thank you! 


Time is the most valuable thing we have in this world and I don’t take you giving up some of yours to read what I have to say lightly.


I spent the majority of my life just…. existing. I wasn’t living. I wasn’t present. I was usually sad over something. I was always stressing about the past and the future.


I decided I didn’t want to spend my life that way and have been making a huge effort to improve my life. For the first time, my happiness isn’t dictated by others or by small daily events (they didn’t used to feel small).


I began investing in myself and putting in a serious effort in shifting my perspective – and it is working! It is a continuous effort with some slip-ups, but I promise you, it is working.


I want to share the life-changing things I discovered. I think social media is fantastic for its ability to connect people and to let us all share our thoughts and findings with each other like never before. 


What a cool time to be alive!


Besides self-development and a newly found love for blogging, I enjoy my job in Human Resources and am a fitness and food junkie.


I plan on incorporating that into my blog eventually as well – how great would it be to have a one stop shop for wellness tips!?


Follow along my journey and hopefully you can gain something out of my posts.


You can read more about me and why I started a blog here!


Thanks again!

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