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It’s All Relative

It’s crazy to me how some people are unaware or just choose not to understand how relative everything in life is. I think this is a very closed off and naive way to go about life.

Your individual experiences shape the way you see the world. 

No two people can feasibly see the world the same way because none of us could have possibly had the exact same experiences. 

Even if we are both witnessing the same event, how we react to it and how we take it in will not be the same.

We are all so different, it’s hard to even comprehend it.

Hiroaki Matsunami, Ph.D., associate professor of molecular genetics and microbiology at Duke University of Medicine, found that not even two people can smell the same. 

There are roughly 400 genes for coding the receptors in our noses and more than 900,000 variations of those genes and that is what determines how we smell.

We all have at least a 30% difference in sense of smell and that’s a conservative number because the research could still go deeper.

That’s just one sense.

Another great example is the image below. Take a good look at it.

What do you see? Is it a young lady or an old woman?

Whichever one you’re seeing, look again and focus on trying to see the other. The chin of the young woman is also the nose of the old lady. Do you see it now?

This is a very simple but effective example of how we can both be looking at the same image and see two completely different things – neither one of us is wrong. 

Or, we both see the same image and never have someone else come along and present the other view. Does that mean that the other view doesn’t exist?

Just based on those two basic examples alone, it seems a bit silly (if not downright stupid) to think you’re always right.

We form opinions and become set in our way of thinking. Who can blame us? We’ve only ever had this one life and perspective.

I encourage you to think about these examples the next time you disagree with someone and remember that you are just one person out of 7 billion – 7 billion people with another 7 billion different combinations of experiences, upbringing and personalities.

As important as it is to manage our own qualities and personality traits, what’s just as important is the ability to understand someone else and connect with others. 

This is where open-mindedness comes in.

For me, I’m bad for brushing other people off as being too emotional or dramatic. 

Who am I to tell someone how they are feeling is wrong?

I do not know what they’re experiencing. I have no idea. What an arrogant thing to do.

Open-mindedness is something that needs to be practiced just like anything else. 

Please don’t forget that and seek a deeper level of understanding. Watch how it improves your life.

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